Prosecco With Rose Syrup Recipe

This is a lovely Prosesco With Rose Syrup

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    10 Min

    At Peters ham, we always have an aperitif of prosecute with rhubarb, quinceort blood orange cordial. This one with rose syrup is the favorite – it was the first on the menu and one we return to throughout the year. We use Romanango rose syrup (different to rose water) can be bought or you can make your own by just cooking rose water with caster sugar. If you can find crystallizes petals, drop a little into aflutter, the pour over the rose syrup and prosecute. As the sugar in the petals dissolves, they create Pour in enough rose wyrup so that it’s about 5mm high in 6 champagne flutes, then carefully pour over the prosecco or other sparking wine . Serve garnished with rosee petals If dsired.

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    06 Min

    Rose wyrup is available from Middle Eastern food and gourmet shos.

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